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Peruvian Paso Mares/Fillies

For Sale




Energia Del Corazon RAD
                        Peruvian Paso Mare              $3,500 CDN                             Foaled: May 25, 2008
Colour: Strawberry Roan
Sire: BDS Patron De La Vega
Dam: Cantante De Corazon RAD         Height: 14.2 hands 


Hailey is a sweetie. She is very easy going in her ground work, but under saddle is very forward and high energy. Hailey requires an experienced confident rider. She loads and hauls well. She is trained under saddle and bit. The Mullen bit has been the most impressive bit we have used. She can also be ridden in the hackamore as she is very sensitive to pressure and a light touch. It doesn’t take much to get this girl to move, she loves to go! Hailey has a stunning gait.



 Miel Del Corazon RAD 
(Dijonay)                                        Peruvian Paso Mare                        $3,000 CDN                                  Foaled:  April 24, 2008
Colour: Strawberry Roan

Sire: BDS Arrojo
Dam:Joya De Corazon BEAR                  Height: 13.3 hands 


Dijonay is sweet and awesome to work with. She is smart, and a quick learner that picks up your lead very quickly. She has excellent manners and responds to ground work with only a light touch. Dijonay loads and hauls well, and is good with having her feet picked up and trimmed. Although she is 13.3 hands, she can cover miles on end and she has a nice, soft gait and is very forward. She has been trained under saddle and in the bit. 



Lily De Mi Corazon RAD 
Peruvian Paso Mare               $2,500 CDN

Foaled: April 21, 2011
Colour: Grey
Sire: BDS Arrojo
Dam: Joya De Corazon BEAR               Height: 14 hands


Lily is sweet and easy to get along with; making her a great companion. She has excellent ground manners, is confident and smart. Lily has been started under saddle and is making good progress. If you are familiar will Parelli she is a Left Brain Extrovert. She is comfortable with crossing a bridge, and is curious about all objects. Lily loads and hauls well and is good with her farrier work.



Sabaduria Del Corazon RAD                                                    (Miriah)                               Peruvian Paso Filly                 $2,500 CDN                                           Foaled: April 29, 2017                           Colour: Chestnut                                      Sire: BDS Patron Da La Vega                    Dam: Catante De Corazon RAD




Miriah is a very curious and confident yearly. She is good with her farrier work and leads nicely.



           Note: Additional training is available for all horses at an added cost.             Prices subject to change without notice. Taxes not included

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